Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PyTexas 2010 t-shirt

Take a gander at this primo swag item we're planning for PyTexas:
I'd like to put this on a plain white t-shirt with black ink, so that the image is part of the fabric (not stuck on top like some t-shirts). Maybe that will cause it to fade a bit after many washings, but that's ok. Faded t-shirts are kind of cool in their own way.

Credit goes to Kat Metzger of the DFW Python user group, who sketched out several great PyTexas t-shirt ideas when the discussion started last Friday night. We voted on the sketches during the Saturday afternoon DFW Python meeting, and by Saturday night the graphic was done. On Sunday, we tweaked some details about text size and placement, and it was good to go. That was a lot quicker that I had expected, and I'm grateful to Kat for having the idea, and delivering this excellent design on such short notice.

This is not a done deal yet. Since PyTexas has no money, we'll have to brainstorm some ways to pay for the t-shirt manufacture. I've started speaking with one manufacturer, and soon we'll have a cost estimate for 200 shirts.

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  1. I like the comments you have made for the image and the way the snake is going to circle around the comment.
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