Help Wanted

Some members of the DFW Pythoneers are involved in public community and open source projects, and may be looking for volunteers to help out on some of these projects. If you have a project you want to add to this list, please let us know.

Here are some projects looking for help:
  • PyTexas 2011 -- This is a big project, hungry for volunteers. Contact Brad Allen to get involved in helping out. Here are some subprojects needing attention:
    • The PyCon website software needs to be set up for PyTexas, to better deploy the schedule data. Django experience is a plus.
    • Evaluate CRM solutions. We have a lot of data to manage for PyTexas, and several CRM solutions to look at on the Google Apps platform (and maybe CivicCRM as well)
    • Follow up with members who attended previous years, but have not registered. 
    • Build and deploy additional surveys
    • Nice looking sponsor page with descriptions next to each sponsor.
  • SQLAlchemy -- Brad Allen wants to organize local sprints on this in the future. Contact him if interested.
  • Beginner Python training -- Let's plan to organize a training program for the many beginners who sometimes show up at our meetings, but are bewildered by the advanced topics we cover. Contact Brad Allen or Jeff Rush if you're willing to give a presentation.