Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review of DFW Pythoneers Sat Aug 13 Meeting

Jeff Rush stepped through the slides of a David Beazley PyCon UK 2008 presentation titled "Generator Tricks for System Programmers".

It was fantastic; we went though the whole presentation and had a lively discussion to make sure everyone understood each slide. Personally, I gained a whole new perspective on the usefulness of generator functions and coroutines. It gave me a lot of ideas for the ETL stuff I sometimes work on.

Ralph Green also gave a walkthrough of the code he has written to produce secure barcoded raffle tickets for PyTexas prizes. He has put together a program which will allow us to use a barcode reader to quickly look up the name of each person associated with the unique ticket id, and display that on the screen for all to see.

Thanks go to Fish Technologies for generously hosting our meetup.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Python SIG for Healthcare IT

For those seeking to work with Python-based tools in the healthcare IT industry, this new SIG ("special interest group") can provide a forum to discuss challenges and hopefully foster knowledge sharing and tools development. Relevant topics include tools for working with healthcare standard data formats, industry news items, professional development, and success stories about Python and open source in the healthcare industry. Along the way, this SIG page can be updated with links to relevant projects and resources.

If this interests you, please join this discussion on the mailing list. This is a new mailing list so there are no archives yet.

If you're attending PyCon today, please join us in a face to face meeting at 1pm in the Hanover A open space room. As with all open space meetings, all are welcome, including those with no healthcare IT background interested in joining the industry.